Thea Barnes

Creating open source apps and themes for Linux

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I'm creating open source apps and themes for Linux desktops, including KDE and GNOME.

My open source apps include:

  • chrome-sipml5, the first SIP client for Google Chrome
  • indicator-keylock, an applet for Linux systems to display the status of the lock keys
  • slaktool, a currently unmaintained Slackware package manager
  • and more small utilities, check out my GitHub

My open source themes include:

  • Lucrezia, a stylish pink and white theme for KDE and GNOME
    • Lucrezia also features a Latte Dock layout
  • Klaus, a gruvbox hard dark theme for GTK+ desktops
  • Daniela, a modern orange and white theme for KDE
    • Daniela also features a Latte Dock layout

Comptes enllaçats

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Lucrezia 1 Actualitzat aquesta setmana

White and pink theme for KDE Plasma and GNOME

tsbarnes-rails 1 Actualitzat aquesta setmana

My personal website, written in Ruby on Rails

Daniela 0 Actualitzat fa 2 mesos

A warm, inviting orange and white theme

Klaus 2 Actualitzat fa 3 mesos

Cupcake 0 Actualitzat fa 3 mesos

Light and fluffy theme for GTK+

City 1 Actualitzat fa 3 mesos

A stylish pastel theme for GNOME

Rosewood 0 Actualitzat fa 4 mesos

Rosewood theme for KDE Plasma

OrangeBlossom 0 Actualitzat fa 5 mesos

Soft pinks with a hint of orange

com.tsbarnes.CyberpunkNeon 0 Actualitzat fa 6 mesos

A cyberpunk theme for KDE

chrome-sipml5 12 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A Google Chrome extension that adds a simple voice-only SIP client to the toolbar.



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