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Hey there! I'm Sanel, I'm an 18-year old software developer.

I love coding open-source projects and contributing to the community. Even if nobody uses my software, the feeling of knowing that my software might end up helping at least one person one day in the future is a very warm feeling.

If you wish to support me and my open-source projects financially, you can do so here. I also have a page, and if you wish to remain anonymous you can donate Ethereum to me directly. More information about these alternative donation methods can be found on my website at

Thank you! ♥

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.github 0 Actualitzat fa 10 mesos

Default community health files for my repositories

sphk 1 Actualitzat fa 1 any

A new and improved version of SpamHook. This was long overdue.

cfw-maintenancemode 0 Actualitzat fa 2 anys

Cloudflare Workers script to setup an auto-enabled maintenance/downtime page based off of open/active incidents and/or maintenances on a status page. Also lets you log incoming requests to a Discord webhook if you wish.

oibot 1 Actualitzat fa 2 anys

OIBot is a XMPP chatbot that allows for messages posted on NWWS-OI to be forwarded to a Discord webhook

SpamHook-Alpha 2 Actualitzat fa 4 anys

A tool for Discord raiding, trolling, and lots more. Alpha edition.

npmstandsfor 1 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A Node.js command-line app to get random sayings from the npm/npm-expansions repository.

InspiroGram 2 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A Python script to generate quotes using InspiroBot and post them to Instagram every 5 minutes.

InspiroCord 0 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A Python script to generate a quote using InspiroBot and send it to a Discord webhook every 5 minutes while the script is running.

1111resolver-gassist 2 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

Google Assistant action that allows users to resolve DNS queries using Cloudflare's DNS resolver.

ClipThat 0 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

Windows CLI app that copies any input it receives, either via command-line arguments or via stdin, to your clipboard.

TCPGeckoSharp 4 Actualitzat fa 6 anys

.NET assembly that lets you access and use TCPGecko.


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