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I host/run a couple of free and open services, such as:

  • Pleroma instances:, and,
  •, a map of the OStatus/ActivityPub fediverse with a monitoring services and stats (which I also develop),
  •, a Mastodon instance,
  •, an old and rusty IRC network,
  • Some services that are currently down but will come back soonish (, a matrix homeserver, xmpp).

Most of the received funds are moved into a safety fund to be able to keep operations running if something happens to my income.

Everything is hosted on a cluster of 6~ servers at, one at Heztner Helsinki's datacenter, and various VMs at, Scaleway, Vultr and Hetzner, with most of the static files and external backups being stored on Wasabi/Scaleway Object Storage.

Disclaimer: I also host other stuff on theses servers, related to my company, random labs, which currently funds more than 95% of the overall cost. This use represents less than half of the processing power/RAM/storage used by the public services. Some resources are also lended to friends, the ChatSpike irc network, build/CI VMs/Jails for some OSS projects. (By the way, if you need some resources for a "public" project, do not hesitate to talk with me! href (at) :))

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