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gromit-mpx 113 Actualitzat fa 2 setmanes

Gromit-MPX is a multi-pointer GTK3 port of the original Gromit desktop annotation tool. It enables graphical annotations with several pointers at once and is A LOT faster than its predecessor since it uses the XCOMPOSITE extension where available.

multivnc 40 Actualitzat fa 2 setmanes

MultiVNC is a cross-platform Multicast-enabled VNC viewer using wxWidgets and libvncclient . It runs on Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. Features include support for most encodings, ZeroConf service discovery and a seamless edge control mode á la x2vnc. There also is a mobile (Android) version with a different feature set available.

Multicast-Client-Server-Example 41 Actualitzat fa 4 setmanes

This is a simple educational example of an IPv4/IPv6 multicast client and server, running under UNIX and Win32.




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