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While smartphones have been heralded as the coming of the next generation of communication and collaboration, they are a step backwards when it comes to personal security, anonymity and privacy.

Guardian Project creates easy to use secure apps, open-source software libraries, and customized mobile devices that can be used around the world by any person looking to protect their communications and personal data from unjust intrusion, interception and monitoring.

Whether your are an average citizen looking to affirm your rights or an activist, journalist or humanitarian organization looking to safeguard your work in this age of perilous global communication, we can help address the threats you face.

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proofmode-android 173 Actualitzat aquesta setmana


PixelKnot 171 Actualitzat fa 3 setmanes

Image stego app using the F5 algorithm

ripple 186 Actualitzat fa 1 mes

A "panic button" app for triggering a "ripple effect" across apps that are set up to respond to panic events

libsqlfs 570 Actualitzat fa 1 mes

a library that implements a POSIX style filesystem on top of an SQLite database

ObscuraCam 300 Actualitzat fa 2 mesos

Photo and Video Filtering App for Privacy

PanicKit 41 Actualitzat fa 10 mesos

a framework for providing trusted connections between panic button apps and other apps that should be triggered by them

haven 6497 Actualitzat fa 1 any

Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising their own privacy, through an Android app and on-device sensors

NetCipher 646 Actualitzat fa 2 anys

mirror of

IOCipher 138 Actualitzat fa 3 anys

make non-root mountable encrypted disk shares

TrustedIntents 75 Actualitzat fa 4 anys

library for flexible trusted interactions between Android apps

OpenCircle 28 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

Open-source Circle of 6 with improved security and privacy features. PLEASE NOTE: For the new Circulo app please visit:

checkey 44 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

moved to

cacheword 80 Actualitzat fa 7 anys

a password caching and management service for Android

CameraV 84 Actualitzat fa 7 anys

CameraV: InformaCam Default Android App

securereader 13 Actualitzat fa 7 anys


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