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Hello 👋

I'm Yogi passionate full-stack developer, open-source maintainer and contributor from India 🇮🇳

I'm working on Mobile Team @ Kāladi

If you like any of my projects, or if you want to support my work, please kindly consider becoming a sponsor, so it gives me great motivation and I can relentlessly maintain my projects and contribute to the open-source community.

I am trying to give a strong vision for my developer friends and colleagues which helps them to make their development workflow as much as easy as possible!

My favorite area of interests are:

  • 🌐 HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • ✨ Node.js and NPM
  • ⚛️ React and React Native
  • 🅰️ Angular
  • 🐘 PHP and Laravel
  • 💎 Ruby and Rails
  • 💾 SQL and NoSQL
  • 🖥️ CLI Apps
  • 💨 Performance
  • 🛡️ Security
  • 🐳 Docker
  • ☁️ Networking and Cloud
  • 🐙 Git and GitHub
  • 🎨 System design
  • 🕸️ APIs (REST and GraphQL)
  • ➡️ Developer workflows

You can ping me on 🚀 Telegram to talk about the above topics.

If you sponsor me you'll always be the first to know about anything new I'm working on through the email updates I send to my sponsors. You'll also always have early access to anything new I build. The higher sponsor tiers also get their company name with a logo in my thanks page with varied sizes.

Thanks a lot for your support! 💜

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