Captain Jim of the "Miss Abigail"

Photographer/Videographer Part 107 Pilot and Avid Boater

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From the time I was in my mid 30s, I have always wanted to travel down the East coast from Maine to Florida by either small power craft or by sailboat. I have spent so many years working and paying bills, seemingly going backwards, born in an era where I witnessed a single adult working household to families living together to save what little money they made while working for non-livable wages.

My children have all grown up and are moving forward with their lives. I have been married, divorced, in love again and now a single man. I answer to no one except myself. For the last 10 years I have gone to college, worked for the State of Maine, opened 4 businesses, sold one, watched 1 parish in the pandemic while yet another was absorbed into my main business which is now hanging on by a thread, but it's still there.

Two and a half years ago, I had a heart attack. It was certainly a wake up call for me to radically change my life and start negotiating the old proverbial "Bucket List", prioritizing those items from the most to the least important, I want to do before I actually "Kick that bucket!!

Through my lifetime, technology has grown by leaps and bounds. I have done my best to keep up with it through the art of photography and videography. In 2018 I received my FAA part 107 commercial UAS pilot's license to fly drones...for a living. My first piece of advise, before making the final decision to make being a Part 107 pilot your permanent job title, make sure you have a back up. The positions are getting saturated with those who have a license trying to make a living from those who will save their own money by flying illegally.

Now, here we are today, in the present. I am realizing one of my bucket list items in terms of conquering the East coast of the US in a 21 foot Cuddy Cabin boat. That's right, you just read it, a 21 foot boat, on my own, from Maine to Florida and if I get the generous donations I hope for, I will continue my journey through the "Great Loop" going up the Mississippi, through the Great Lakes, down the Erie canal into New York and back down the East coast into Florida again.

Along the way, I will be making boating, instructional and scenery videos as well as photos with mediums such as drones, FPV cameras, GoPros, Canon SLR digital media and processing it all on Premiere Pro. I plan to gain as many followers as I can to take with me electronically on my travels. They will be the inspiration, through questions and comments for the topics of my videos.

Among the various topics I plan to cover, they include, but are not limited to: 1) Boating on a small craft on the ocean and Intracoastal waterways (sort of Dos and Don'ts). A. Using the entire boat (i.e. engine, steering, size and weight) to maneuver in certain conditions. B. Docking and undocking. C. refueling procedures. D. Waste pump out procedures. E. Intracoastal etiquette. F. Map terms Life aboard a small craft migrating to various US locations and what they have to offer the transient boater.

Boat repair including: engine, Hull, Canvas, Electronics, Solar arrays and power, Vinyl repair, painting and brightwork.

Marinas: Rating, price, people, amenities, community, cleanliness and party life (if you're younger than I).

Radio operations: Proper use of a Marine radio and other types of communications.

Personal life aboard a small craft: What it's like to live without the creature comforts of land based habitats.

You can view my YouTube channel at:

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