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im a polyhistor, i teach and help the people around on various ways, just when life wishes for it.

im an engineer, i fix wrecked things around me just for fun, wherever i am at the moment. :D

im a programmer, i hate closed source and nonfree software, i help here and there in little things to the freedom-fighter community. :)

mostly i had full-stack web jobs, but i wanna go down to desktop level and probably below, cuz the bit juggling and low-level magic have more fun than the api's and the bloatware frameworks. :D generally i can read more codes than not, im not afraid of discovering new languages and the like, im really thirsty for knowledge, and i already have really much of it! :D

(you can skip this paragraph if you arent enough techie, but mostly it can be understood by anyone if im right, and it can be interesting for anyone.) i have a pet project, Szoszi (spelled like "so see") that can serve for fund to most of my plans (it is mainly based on lua(jit) and tekui), but that is too much of a long topic for now to try to give it enough details. currently it is private, i will slowly involve others, and one day it will be available to everyone for free. i develop it from itself via live-coding. it is like a swiss army knife, maybe it can be considered to be a small operating system. it is portable, but linux only (because open source is important, and actually i keep an eye on approaching the bare metal as well, but thats not urgent, and gnu+linux serves well). it is highly flexible, small, and fast, without much dependencies (in the sense, that a single human being can handle the whole codebase). i wanna bring everything to the same funds without making a bloatware mess, but with universal shared tools behind the different needs with really high cohesion, flexibility and interoperability, without involving a big bunch of different languages, external tools and what not (it is based on linux, lua, c and some minimal bash). i wanna leave everything to be open and flexible, like its nice when an application can be edited right from within itself without much headache (how to config/compile/where to find stuffs, how it works...), that i wanna take as far as everything can be directly reached and edited from where it was accessed (with helpful tools like automatic self testing, cloning, multiple running instances to play with, various interactive displays and graphical heuristics, automatized reorganization, and whatever will born). i wanna bring down the art of programming to the level of the mortals. i wanna make e-democracy! (a very important one, that takes much groundwork.) i wanna enhance the private area for the people with directly connected end-to-end encrypted reachability for any purposes, like live-coworking, communication, sharing and giving access and interfaces to whatever for other users or anyone via a web browser. i wanna be able to handle and match anything available on the underlying system and on the web (via libcurl (headless browser), luakit (lua based browser), and turbo (server)). it can be launched with multiple purposes, like it can be a graphical application, a background service (like a server) or it can be used via anything else (like behind the scenes from luakit, as a library). yes, actually this is really much (and theres more), but i wont give up (i had good reasons to start and i have even more to continue :) ), but i will involve others by the time, so it can be actually more than a fairy tale, and it actually exists and i like to play with it, cuz it serves me well! :)

sometimes i translate things (basically i love linguistics, even if generally i dont care ... im a hacker, i can type just as i want as far as it makes any sense! :D (nope. i just dont have time in general to be more precise, and i always write a LOT)), and thats how i arrived here. i started to make the hungarian translation for liberapay, so thats why i registered here lately, to make some sanity checks. (i didnt have the time to finish it up back in time when i started it, sorry for that!) i made some of the hungarian translation for the w3c unicorn validator (and fixed some other pieces) and made the whole for the messenger discovery x (msn messenger extension; yuck, i still used windows in those ancient times :( ) when i was like 14, and i started to code around those times just as well, so these are actually old habits. :) (im 28 as of typing.)

some more important stuffs in a nutsell about my world: im a healer with even some unbelievable and otherwise much nice results, but without any harm. im a magician (nope, not an illusionist; and yep, these two partially overlap each other, but this would be too long to write about these now, and too important to leave it out). i love to learn everything that can be used to understand and "introspect" humans and other living beings, like psychology, graphology and a lot more. (the more i know is the more and better i can help.) i like to learn about the historical roots of the humanity. i like sciences, i like to know how the things works around me, but im a free thinker, none ever said the final words that could make every knowledge sterile and crystal clear, so there is always some free room to think differently, but i take really good care of everyone, and i always tell them all the pros and cons that i know about something, whenever i wanna involve them into anything questionable, and i think they like those the most! :D (i dont even have enemies that i would know about, so i believe im doing it good.) ... and a lot more! ;)

so, as you could already figure it out, ive got no time, ive got no money, and ive got no life, cuz i have friends and i keep the most of my richness in my hearth, and some on my data storages, so actually i would really need some support to get those without selling my soul for the "evil corp", or without giving up my services that exists for making a better world. :)

thx for reading, for any support, and all the bests to you! :)



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