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YouTube-DL-PyTK 0 Actualitzat fa 3 mesos

YouTube-DL-PyTK is a simple python frontend for the popular video downloader "youtube-dl". It is intended to provide a simple interface for downloading non-copyright protected videos from a variety of supported sites including Youtube.

WPA2Gen 0 Actualitzat fa 2 anys

WPA2Gen is a simple wifi password generator written in Python. You can optionally save the password to a file and even a QR code that be scanned for easily connecting to your network without manually typing in a 63 character password.

PingChecker 0 Actualitzat fa 3 anys

PingChecker allows you to ping a series of hostnames or IP addresses and record their status as a simple "Up" or "Down". Targets can be read from an input file and data can be saved to a spreadsheet.

PyNuker 0 Actualitzat fa 3 anys

PyNuker is a network stress testing tool written in python. It infinitely (until stopped) sends a UDP data packet to a target device in an attempt to flood it with so much traffic it stops responding to valid requests.


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