James Fenn

Main developer of Android/OSS projects including Status, Alarmio, Attribouter, and ScreenshotMaker.

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It's me.

I am James Fenn, a freelance developer and student in CS at the University of Pittsburgh.

When I am not in class, I spend my time maintaining and developing a plethora of free/open source Android projects, along with a few websites and other tools built in my free time. Donations will mainly go towards improving the projects I currently maintain, obtaining resources related to their development (such as test devices, server maintenance / cloud services fees, etc), and other similar means.

I build my products with a focus on privacy and accessibility so that anyone can take advantage of them, and I strive to create an inclusive environment in which anyone can get involved with my work.

Current Projects


Alarmio is a simple open source alarm clock that implements many useful features while following regular design standards to ensure that it is quick and intuitive to use. Its main focus is on readability and support for internet radio, but I hope to add more functionality (see: issues #8 and #12) in the future.


Attribouter is a lightweight “about screen” library for Android apps, built to allow developers to easily give credit to a project’s contributors and open source libraries, while matching the style of their app and saving the largest amount of time and effort possible. It is meant to use GitHub’s REST API to fetch and display information about open source projects and contributors, but it allows you to define some or all of its data in its configuration file in your app as well.


Status is a status bar replacement that draws an overlay on top of the system-generated status bar. This means that the actual status bar is only hidden under the replacement; touch gestures are not overridden, and the standard notification panel is still shown. Because of problems in Android Oreo, it only works on Android 27 and below, but it is still being maintained and improved for those devices.

Screenshot Maker

Screenshot Maker is a tool for the automated batch generation of app screenshots with a surrounding device frame and text. In future versions I hope to expand it to support more generic SVG templating and add both a web interface and the ability to run it through command line.

Other Involvement

I post regular articles about my experiences in Android and web development on my blog in an effort to benefit the community, and I contribute to other projects that I depend on when I get the chance. I am also involved in Double Dot Labs, where we create and promote resources for other developers.

I am working with Unicorn Utterances to help create a place where anyone can learn a range of software practices and similar complex topics in the technology industry.

I also publish free photography under the CC-BY-SA license, which can be found here.

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Alarmio 327 Actualitzat fa 1 any

A simple alarm clock focused on design, readability, and internet radio.

ColorPickerDialog 134 Actualitzat fa 3 anys

A simple dialog making it quick and easy to add color picking functionality to any app.

Attribouter 118 Actualitzat fa 3 anys

A lightweight "about screen" library to allow quick but customizable attribution in Android apps.

Status 122 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A no-root status bar replacement for Android.

SunriseSunsetView 9 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A lightweight Android view used for displaying and/or editing sunrise and sunset times.

TimeDatePicker 16 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A simple Android library containing several time/date pickers and dialogs.

Pasta-for-Spotify 110 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A material design Spotify client for Android

MediaNotification 45 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

Slightly unstable attempt to replace all media notifications with Android O styled copies.

Crasher 27 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

An easy to use crash reporting library for Android.

ScreenshotMaker 130 Actualitzat fa 5 anys

A small java applet to generate uniform Play Store screenshots with titles and descriptions.


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