dkr (Demetris)

Linguistics student, libre-culture & libre-software activist, often writer, sometimes coder

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What I do

  • I am pursuing a BA in English Language and Literature (currently preparing for my 4th year), and I hope to continue specialising in Linguistics at a Masters level
  • I am engaged with Linguistics research above and beyond what's required for a BA student
  • I regularly contribute to online and print publications with articles about Linguistics, and political aspects of technology
  • I occasionally hack together small libre-software projects, as I am currently teaching myself programming
  • My work is always released in the commons, using suitable copyleft licenses such as the GPL and CC-BY-SA

Why I need your help

  • I am working two part-time jobs while being a full-time student and a full-time activist: I'd like to afford being able to work less so I can focus on my studies and research more
  • Initially I hope I can earn enough donations to pay for my web hosting expenses
  • As a mid-term goal, I wish to be able to afford to participate in linguistics conferences and workshops without worrying about how I can pay rent this month

What have I done lately

[Website] [Blog] [Contact] [Short CV]

I'm dkr, a Linguistics student and Free Culture/Free Software advocate from Cyprus.

I'm particularly interested in how language is implemented in the brain, its relation to cognition, and how language varies (or doesn't) across modalities.

I'm a staunch supporter of preserving and enriching knowledge commons, and I believe that freedom-respecting software is an indispensable component of this struggle.


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